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Social Anarchy, the reality show, is in search of the best computer programmers from across the country that think they are the greatest in their profession and would like a chance to show off their talent for a job position with the hottest new social network to hit the web. Do you think you know what current social networks are lacking? Would you like a chance to make a difference influencing future generations all while having fun doing what you live for? Would you like a chance to live the life of idols such as, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Then submit your resume and a 5 minute self narrated video showing off your programming design work for review by our shows judges. 20 of the best programmers will be selected by the judges and will compete presenting their design work in an interview format in front of the shows host and a panel of judges utilizing video and live segments of their work. They will be judged on experience, personality, uniqueness and originality. 12 Contestants who pass the qualification interview stage will be set up in an apartment, dorm office around a major college for the next 6 months. From this office they will live, work, play, sleep, eat and bond with each other. The team will be coached and need to brain storm on how to develop their version of a social network based upon the “LIVE RAGE” blue print. Their goal is to form a strong design team and complete in weekly competitions while building the next big social network.  Each week the contestants will be given tasks and compete against each other in areas such as setting up the network, controlling crashes, implementing applications such as streaming music, videos, customization options for member’s Live Cell, marketing strategies and building the Live Rage universe.  At the end of each month the contestants will compete against each other and show off their programming progress and cool applications developed which the members will then beta test and vote on to see which applications they like the best. Contestants with the most votes will be given rewards, parties, money, hardware software, and privileges within the home office. The judges will also reward contestants with votes for advancements in areas such as creativity and originality. The contestants who do not get enough votes will need to work harder, longer hours and will not share in any perks or privileges within the home office for the week. Judges and members will evaluate the team monthly and vote to see which contestant is the weakest and will be fired from the team. The teams will also be able to evaluate themselves to see if they would like to keep or release a team member or bring someone back in exchange for a current member.  Competitions will consist of contestants meeting with colleges and corporation to campaign members and sponsorships which they will receive bonus votes for. Contestants will interview students to find out what they like and dislike about their current social networking. Contestants will then compete to set up Live Planets (mini social societies) within the Live Rage universe which will host each schools info board, website and societies. Each Live Planet will be customized based on the schools participation and suggestions. The team will also hold competition between other schools for memberships. Schools with the most members will be able to get modifications or customizations of their Live Planets or location upgrades in the Cyber world. The contestants will also stage corporate competitions for, TV, radio stations, corporate organizations and retail providers as more sponsors join the Live Rage world. Corporate sponsors, who sign up first, will get their Live Planet icon placed in prime real estate locations within the Live Rage world. Networks will also be encouraged to host live broad casting, sporting and music events from certain locations in the Cyber world.  There will be other challenges such as graphic designs competitions of cities and towns to include corporate sponsor’s stores and organizations who want their name in the Cyber world. At the end of the 6 month period after the team has been reduced to 10 members it will be split into two teams of 5 contestants which will compete in a final campaign for memberships. Each team will be given a celebrity guests who they will work with customizing their Live Planets based on the celebrities desires. Members will flock to their favorite celebrity’s Live Planet to see what was built, socialize and follow them on their Live journey through life and the Cyber world. Members will then vote on their favorite celebrity Live Planet. At the end of this challenge, the team with the most member’s votes and visits to their celebrity’s Live Planet will win the competition and remain on receiving jobs at Live Rage. The next seasons will consist of more competition between new contestants living at or around another college dorm or apartment and competing setting up another Live Planet social society and working on things such as the best new applications, increase memberships and bring in more corporate sponsors as the Cyber Frontier continues to grow as America Catches the latest LIVE RAGE!!!!


Socail Anarchy defined:  Where individualist forms of anarchism emphasize the individual and his/her will over any kinds of external determinants such as groups, society, traditions, and ideological systems. Social anarchism sees "individual freedom as conceptually connected with social equality and emphasize community and mutual aid. Social anarchism rejects private property, seeing it as a source of social inequality, Social anarchism is used to specifically describe tendencies within anarchism that have an emphasis on the communitarian and cooperative aspects of anarchist theory and practice.