Green Seeding will be filmed and produced by segments of America’s Gone Green (AGG) and the Green Improvement show (GI) along with the addition of the base theory behind green building technology. The Green Seeding Show is designed to plant the seeds of green building technology through educational shows which target, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Technical and Trade School students. It can be used as training e-modules, webinars, broken into a green curriculum or segment can be integrated into an existing educational program. 

The Green Seeding show will explain the science, theory, history and technology of all areas of Green buildings and materials and how they relate to our life, environment and carbon existence. Green Seeding will touch on the way we can affect our environment by the decisions we make on a daily basis and what we can do by implementing green techniques to reduce Americas Carbon Foot print through science and technology. 

Green Seeding will get into the technology and theory of the following Green items.

1.      Green architecture and building geometry. This section will focus on the selection of the building site, orientation of the building on the site, and the geometry of the building design to optimize the energy and efficiency of the home.


2.      Theory and importance of the home envelope (Green Insulation value walls, windows, roofing, siding flooring, foundation etc.  Simple calculations of the overall thermal u-value of a home or building will be explained.

3.      Review of Green building materials, recycled, natural etc, how they are made, how they save energy, and affect our health and well being.

4.      Theory behind energy use in the home oil, gas, electricity, water, evaporation, absorption and alternate energy. In-depth look into the theory of alternate energy and high efficiency conventional systems. Alternate energy and   low emissions systems such as photo-voltaic, solar hot water, geothermal, fuel cell, wind generation, wave generation, hydro-electric, absorption, passive, convectors, bio-fuels, hydrogen, cogeneration, coal, compressed air, Nan no technology etc.

5.      Green, plumbing system design, low water use and consumption plumbing systems and equipment. The use of low water flow fixtures, waterless urinal and toilets, interior gray and black water use, solar domestic how water heating, solar pool water heating, geothermal domestic and pool water heating. Alternate domestic hot water strategies.

6.      Green electrical power system designs. The theory and use of alternate electrical power generation, green power and wiring systems, power conditioning systems, UPS’s, surge suppression systems, lightning protection, wireless technology, low voltage lighting, ac/dc lighting, dimming systems, day lighting strategies and control, energy efficient lighting and bulbs, energy efficient appliances, energy efficient audio and video systems.
7.      Indoor Environmental technology of Water and Air Quality focusing on the treatment of air and water such as filtration, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification, UV, Ozone, germicidal, electronic and media filtration, charcoal/carbon filters, reverse osmosis, etc. Discussions on harmful indoor environmental issues such as radon, voc’s, mold, EMF, carbon Dioxide, why do they form, how to detect them and how do we get rid or treat them.

8.      Green innovations, new and futuristic. The theory behind them, how and why they work.

9.      Theory of  Green landscaping values, grey water use, brown fields, shading , heat island effect, low water irrigation, fixtures and maintenance programs

10.  Green transportation will be reviewed systems such and Hydrogen, Bio-fuels, Electric, petroleum, natural gas, Compressed Air etc. Review of energy, cost, mpg and emission will be reviewed.

11.  How a green environment can affect our health and well being. This section will discuss how air, water, lighting, landscaping, , building material, cleaning toxins, electro-magnetic fields, electronics, microwave, sound, home surroundings etc effect our health and well being and what can be done to improve conditions.